Hong Kong’s Most Distinguished Gentlemen’s Clothier

Custom designed clothes are the ultimate expression of a man’s individual taste and style. Not only do they make a statement about who you are, they also provide the ultimate in superior fit and comfort, and will flatter any physique.

Now you can have your own personal clothing consultant with over 45 years of experience helping you determine the look and fit that’s right for you. And you can have this superior level of quality and service, personalized and custom tailored for you, for a similar price than you would pay for fine, off-the-rack men’s clothing.

Modestos Limited has been Hong Kong’s most distinguished custom tailors since 1958. We invite you to discover the luxury of custom tailored suits, sports jackets, trousers, shirts and tuxedos made from the highest quality designer fabrics, personalized for you and handmade with the impeccable skill of our artisan Shanghai tailors.

Chad Wadhwani, Managing Director and Fashion Consultant, will assist you in selecting from over 3200 fabrics, ranging from the classics right up to the season’s newest and finest cloth produced from the leading mills of France, England, Scotland and Italy and utilizing the basic silhouettes of men’s wear – Italian, English and American.

Since 1980, I have had over 30 suits made by Modestos and have been more than satisfied with the fit and quality of the suits they have made for me. I have just ordered another suit and am eagerly looking forward to its arrival in the mail. Chad, I have had plenty of opportunities to buy suits elsewhere, but the combination of look, fit and value, as well as the service you and your family have provided over the years, has never tempted me to look elsewhere. Thanks for both your help and friendship over the years. –S, Boone, Banker, Los Angeles, CA

I always get positive comments from judges and fellow attorneys about how professional I look. Plus, know that my suit fits perfectly makes me feel good, especially when I see my opponent wearing something purchased off the department store rack. –P. Saucy, Attorney, Oregon

Brian's suits arrived today, just in time for Monday morning. Thank you, thank you. They are gorgeous, just amazing! I love the quality and the shirts are going to look so nice with them! –Jeannie W., Los Altos, CA

Great fabrics and fit. Spectacular clothes. Should you decide to join this wonderful club, the lifetime dues obligation is satisfied with the purchase of one garment. However, there is a special initiation rite. Having received your first order, without smiling, you must wear it to the men's section of a department store and observe your peers as they struggle with rack merchandise and the sales staff. –J. Sessions, Entrepreneur, Washington

I just wanted to tell you that I received my shirts and suit yesterday. I could not be more pleased with how everything turned out! The shirts fit perfectly. The sleeves, the neck, across the shoulders, through my chest and midsection, the collar stays, the monogramming. Everything about them far surpasses my expectations! –David Shimp, MHA, Denver, CO

I received my suit and shirt on Monday, and I'm just writing a quick note to thank you for your excellent work. The suit is beautiful - I have never owned a piece of clothing that fits me so well. –Brian B., Attorney, Chicago. Il

I received the suits and shirts. You were right, not only the quality, but the fit of these custom clothes makes it difficult to imagine ever buying dress clothes off the rack again! Thanks for the great products and service. –Chance, City Official, Sacramento, CA

Chad's jackets have circled the globe with me since 1973. Thanks for keeping me looking sharp for all those years. –Craig Adryan, San Francisco, CA

I wanted to drop a line and say “Thanks”. Thanks for allowing me the privilege to belong to a very special “Mens Club”. The familiar package arrived today at the office, and as always-it exceeds my expectations that I have come to depend on. Your attention to the very last detail, insures that I’m the best dressed-bar none. –Ron Apostolopoulos, “The Mad Greek”, San Francisco, CA